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Top 10 Travel Hacks When Adventuring Abroad

It’s no secret that traveling is one of the greatest ways to spend your time and hard earned money.  However there are certain travel hacks that can make your journey even more seamless – saving you time, money, and your health.

Check out the top 10 travel hacks below! 

#1 – Inflatable head rest

I cannot recommend this accessory enough.  It’s compact, lightweight, and comes in handy when you’re sitting on an airplane for 8 hours.  This inflatable headrest will transform your uncomfortable flight into a 5-star satin-sheet hotel… okay not really but it will help you get some quality shut eye!

Check it out here! 

#2 – Stock up on Podcasts

 Overcast App Available on Apple and Android Overcast App Available on Apple and Android

Podcasts are essential when you’re on a long flight without internet connection.  It’s even more enjoyable when you aren’t using the atrocious apple podcast app (sorry Apple, but it sucks!).

Check out overcast, a totally free podcasting app with superior functionality.

Some of my favorite podcasts are Hidden Brain, Stuff you should know, and Nutrition Diva

#3 – snag a Refillable water bottle

It’s amazing how simple of a tip this is, but it comes in handy. Not only does bringing your own water bottle save you money, but it also helps reduce single use plastic (the oceans will thank you!).

If you get a fancy insulated water bottle, you can keep your beverages hot/cold for the whole day too!  I don’t leave home without mine.

Absolutely love these Mira insulated water bottles!

If you’re travelling to a country with questionable water quality, getting a bottle with a built-in filter could be a lifesaver.  Check out this Lifestraw filtered water bottle!

#4 – invest in Packing cubes

These are my ABSOLUTE favorite travel accessory.  I don’t know how I used to travel without them.  They keep your clothes, cords, and toiletries all in one organized place.  This prevents the classic case of suitcase explosion all over the bed and floor.  Keeps your clothes nicely folded too!

There’s a reason these are rated with a perfect 5 stars. Check them out here!

#5 – One backpack to rule them all

Okay, I have a slight backpack fetish… but only because they are the perfect blend of fashion and functionality.  Utilitarian backpacks are everything when it comes to traveling.  I prefer a backpack that has a smart design, is lockable, and can be used as a carry on.  Below are a few of my favorites


#6 – bring Gifts for new friends

While usually we bring souvenirs back for friends, why not mix it up and also bring some small gifts for new friends? Who doesn’t like receiving gifts, especially when they are from a faraway place.

I usually bring a few bars of local chocolate or other small, universally enjoyed items to give out during my travels.  If you are planning on staying with a friend, be sure to bring them something extra special! A little gesture goes a long way.

#7 – Download maps before you go

Download google maps before you jet set to your destination.  I cannot explain how helpful this tip is.  It’s so easy to download areas of maps offline, directly to your smartphone in the google maps app.  Now you won’t need internet connection to find where you’re going.  Find out how here!

If you’re traveling to a big city like LA, Paris, or London – download the free city specific transit apps before you head out too.  This will save you lots of headaches and make you feel more like a local in no time.

#8 – Download language apps

Download language app (offline!)

  • If you want to get a grasp on the language before you head out, check out the helpful FREE app Duolingo.
  • If you’re looking to translate real time, I recommend downloading the google app “translate” and installing the language for offline use.

#9 – Pack nuts or healthy bars

This is huge.  If you travel without healthy snacks, you’ll be left paying way too much for shitty food.  Nuts, trail mix, or healthy granola bars are super handy!

These Redd bars are quite popular and have a fairly good balance of nutrition. A good balance of high-quality carbs, protein and fat is especially important when on the go.

Many of my nutrition colleagues swear by these RX BARS. I personally don’t like them, but since my taste isn’t the only one that matters, feel free to give them a try for yourself!

#10 – Cover up with a mouth mask

Okay so some of you might think this is a weird item to have on the list, but let me tell you – sitting next to a coughing, sneezing passenger on a plane is sure to get you ill.  This can save you from getting sick and ensure you have a healthy and happy adventure. Any old mask will do, but if you want to look less like you’re in a hospital, check out these cool black masks.  They are super trendy in Asia too.*

*Note you will probably not look as bad ass as the dude in this photo, sorry.

Now you know most of my deepest, darkest, travel hacks.

If you have any favorite hacks – feel free to comment below!

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