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Food should be good for us, healthy for the planet, and fair to farmers. Every dollar we spend, we cast a vote for the future we want.  

Following these 3 simple steps can make your diet healthier and more sustainable for the planet. 

Top 3 ways to make your diet healthier for you and the planet

#1: Prioritize plants

Plants are the missing ingredient in the majority of the world’s diet pattern.  Eating more fruits and vegetables is better for us and the planet.  Research indicates that eating more whole plant foods can help anything from our mental health to our gut microbiome! 

#2: Waste less food

It may seem harmless, but collectively (i.e. 7.4 billion people) – food waste is a leading driver of greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and water overuse.  Luckily there are simple ways we can reduce our food waste footprint today!

#3: Eat a climate friendly diet

Eating climate-friendly doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods. Climate-friendly diets consist of consuming meat responsibly, opting for more plant-based foods, and aiming for ingredients that are sourced responsibly. 

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