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Nourishing The Community Through Collaboration And Healthy Kai (food)

Canadian-raised Dani Prapavessis and American-raised Chris Vogliano have been celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving since childhood.

New Zealanders however don’t typically celebrate this holiday.

Dani and Chris decided to bring the tradition to Wellington, New Zealand.  Leaving behind the negative associations (#colonialism) and focusing on the positives (giving thanks), two Wellington community nonprofits (The Free Store and The Wellington Fruit and Vege Coop) teamed up to prepare a healthy and entirely free community dinner for all. 

Most of the over 85 attendees were regular clients at The Free Store. This dinner aimed to enhance community cohesion and provide an opportunity to give thanks to our friends and families.

Excerpt from the Fruit and Vege Coop’s Summer Newsletter:
“Our friends Danielle Prapavessis and Chris Vogliano at the Free Store asked if we could help out with their community Thanksgiving celebration, with vegetables donated our supplier MG Marketing and 85 people were fed! Many volunteers and users of The Free Store are still talking about the success. Many people expressed their gratitude for the meal. Home cooking is a far stretch for some; so the abundance of beetroot, silver beet, carrots and all were greatly appreciated.”

Dani P serving up healthy kai

You can find out more about the Freestore and the great work they do at here. You can find out more about the fruit and veggie co-op here.

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