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New Zealand Government Promotes Sustainable Diets For Personal And Planetary Health.

New Zealand’s Ministry of Health has released a new guide focused on “Sustainability and the Health Sector”. This guide highlights ways the food and health sector can make changes to improve the quality of personal and planetary health.

The aim of this guide is to support and encourage the New Zealand health sector to take an active role in implementing sustainability as an integral part of its practice.

” Pollution of air, soils and waterways, along with sedentary lifestyles, negatively impacts on our health and well being, which is evident from, for example, increased rates of cardiovascular disease, asthma and other respiratory conditions.”

Agriculture’s environmental impact

Agricultural greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) make up nearly half (49%) of all GHGe from New Zealand. Below are the recommendations from the Ministry of Health to improve health of people and the environment.

To read the report in it’s entirety, download it here.

See also The Sustainable Plate Infographic.

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