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Chris Vogliano named Fulbright-Semifinalist

Chris Vogliano received his undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics from Kent State University. Originally from Tallmadge, Ohio, Chris currently resides in Wellington, New Zealand, where he is pursuing a PhD in sustainable food systems. Chris had heard stories of other people who participated in the Fulbright Scholarship and had a fantastic time doing so, which was one motivating factor in his decision to apply; it would also provide him the opportunity to employ the skills he has been working…

Talking SDG 2: Zero Hunger on Wellington Access Radio

Chris Vogliano MS, RD of Forward Eating was featured on Wellington Access Radio alongside registered nutritionist Emmeline Haymes and past-president of the United Nations Association, Joy Dunsheath. This radio hour focused on Sustainable Development Goal #2, Zero Hunger. During this hour we discuss the challenges and opportunities around SDG 2 both in developed and developing countries. SDG #2 - Educating for Social Change

Readers Digest article on GMO foods.

Readers Digest article on GMO foods, quoted below: Wondering what GMOs are and if they're beneficial or pose a threat? Here's what you need to know, and how to tell if a food is genetically modified. What exactly is a GMO? The official USDA definition is “an organism produced through genetic modification.” What does this really mean, though? Strictly speaking, all plant breeding methods, including simple cross breeding, alter a plant’s DNA, notes Erin MacGregor, RD, a dietitian in Toronto. “So all agricultural…

The Seattle Times: ‘What the Health’ review

While “What the Health?” gets some things right about plant-based diets, local dietitians were “shocked” by some of its overstatements and nebulous health claims. “After hearing rants and raves about this film for weeks, I decided it was time to check it out myself,” Vogliano said. “Within the first 20 minutes, I was shocked by the overstatements and bias presented. While there are sprinkles of validity, this film is ripe with cherry picking and over-exaggerations. ‘What the Health?’ is promoting…

Today’s Dietitian Magazine Feature

Check out my featured article in the award-winning Today's Dietitian magazine!  Also be sure to check out their cutting-edge and evidence-based nutrition content at   Today's Dietitan Feature - VoglianoDownload

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