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Talking SDG 2: Zero Hunger on Wellington Access Radio

Chris Vogliano MS, RD of Forward Eating was featured on Wellington Access Radio alongside registered nutritionist Emmeline Haymes and past-president of the United Nations Association, Joy Dunsheath. This radio hour focused on Sustainable Development Goal #2, Zero Hunger. During this hour we discuss the challenges and opportunities around SDG 2 both in developed and developing countries. SDG #2 - Educating for Social Change

Ultra-processed foods

There are processed foods and then there are ultra-processed foods. While this may sound like an arbitrary difference, it's quite important. The processing of foods is not innately negative. In fact, many processed foods are packed full of nutrients. Think crushed tomatoes in a can, frozen broccoli, or dried lentils. All of these foods are processed and still healthy. Ultra-processed foods are different. These foods have been processed so heavily that they are generally void of valuable nutrients. They typically…

Top 10 ways to eat more sustainably – free handout

Our diets are huge consumers of resources.  Growing crops requires an a serious amount of water, fertilizers, chemical inputs, petroleum, and land.  Check out my top 10 ways to make your diet eco-friendly below. Feel free to print (double sided) and pass along to clients, colleagues, or friends. Thanks in to Unilever for sponsoring this handout, and distributing at FNCE (the annual food and nutrition conference).

Love food hate waste – free resources

Love Food Hate Waste is an non-profit that has single handedly reduced a massive portion of the UK's total food waste using mass consumer and retail education.  It worked well there, and now it's expanding.  Check out their incredible app (for apple and android), as well as their country specific website for your country (they even have a presence in New Zealand!)        

The state of America’s wasted food: Opportunities to make a difference

State of America’s Food Waste Academic White Paper Download the paper here. America is wasting nearly 40% of all the food it grows, and this is having major social, economic, and environmental impacts.  I wrote this white paper with Dr. Katie Brown to not only highlight the major issues, but also to provide actionable solutions to reduce our overall waste. 

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